Creating Levers: 5/19/2017

Creating Levers: 5/19/2017

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There are a few upcoming schedule changes to be aware of as we head into this weekend (CrossFit Regionals in Albany) and next week, thru Memorial Day.  Please make note:

Saturday 5/20:  NO CrossFit Kids

Sunday 5/21: NO Open Gym

Tuesday 5/23: Running Endurance moves to Wednesday Night from this day forward.

Monday 5/29: Memorial Day Tribute WOD (Murph) NO 5:30am Class

Friday we will wrap up the week with some time on the bar executing Knees to Elbows. The principal behind K2E and Toes to Bar is the same. It’s all about creating a lever with your shoulders and the bar.  The movement is tight and deliberate.  Instead of flailing yourself up just to get a rep, try taking things back a step and do the movement with purpose.  Two great videos below… The second was key in helping many string their Toes to Bar and Knees to Elbows together successfully.  Take a look and PRACTICE!

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