Load the Hamstrings: 5/12/2017

Load the Hamstrings: 5/12/2017

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An exercise that surprisingly is advantageous for anyone who wishes to strengthen and lengthen their hamstrings is the Romanian deadlift, or RDL for short. Do you frequently feel pain after you DL, do you fail to maintain a neutral spine? The RDL will help!  Be sure to watch the video below!

The Romanian Deadlift, is an excellent lift for developing strength and muscle mass in the posterior chain. Whether your goal is a great physique, a bigger squat, bigger deadlift, or to run faster and jump higher, the RDL can help get you there.

HEAD AND NECK Proper alignment of the head and neck is critical in the RDL. The chin should be tucked slightly, and the neck in a neutral alignment with the rest of the torso.

CHEST Throughout the entire RDL the chest should be up; do not round your back!

LOW BACK The low back in a resting position should have a slight lordosis. The goal throughout the RDL should be to maintain that optimal curvature. Neutral spine is key as it allows you to really blast the hamstrings and glutes.

KNEES You need about 15-20 degrees of knee flexion from the start. Too much knee flexion and you don’t hit the hamstrings effectively. Too little and it turns into a stiff-leg deadlift.

FEET Your feet should be pointed straight ahead using a hip-width stance, and the weight should be shifted towards the heels.


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