Now What? 6/12/17

Now What? 6/12/17

Now What?

Alas, we’ve made it to the end of our Team Fitness & Nutrition Challenge! And now, we ask ourselves, NOW WHAT???

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We spent the past 6 weeks killing it, class after class, extra work upon extra work, run group,  Peak 8,  etc. etc. etc.! We’ve buckled down on improving our eating habits and we actually started paying attention to the seemingly minor things that factor into our overall health!

And while it certainly wasn’t easy, many of us accomplished the goals we set at the beginning of the challenge. To be a better version of ourselves!

This challenge was not intended to deprive you or create unrealistic goals, but instead form new habits. To realize THERE IS time to think and plan ahead.  THERE IS time to put in the extra work that adds so much to your work out routine! The one thing we ask moving forward, DON’T FORGET IT!  


Sticking to a routine is hard, but practice makes perfect.

Across the board, we all found ourselves having difficulty settling into — and committing to — a new routine. But it didn’t take long for our new habits to click and, before we knew it, it was just second nature — it was a crucial part of our routine that we looked forward to. DON’T FORGET IT!

Don’t Let Your Teammates Quit

It’s no secret that staying motivated can be difficult when the competition is over. So, what helped your team stick to the goals once set? One word: TEAM. Banding together made our quest to get healthier a million times easier to stay on track.  Keep your new friends on track.  Continue to push each other and put in the extra work!

Transformations run more than just skin deep.

We all started our Challenge with different goals in mind. Some of us wanted to tone up, while others wanted to get stronger while breaking out of a rut. And while our achievements were as diverse as our goals, one result is consistent across the board: We all feel stronger than when we started the challenge. And when you FEEL strong, looking great is just icing on the cake.

Progress is addictive.

Just because calculating points has come to a screeching halt, doesn’t mean your progress does too!  Progress is addictive!  Continue to bring it!  Continue to be proud of yourself, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


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