Squat On The Box: 6/16/2017

Squat On The Box: 6/16/2017

How do you do a box squat?  Box Squats are performed just like regular squats with a few minor changes.  Stance is a bit wider than normal squat position, push your knees out, squat back, not down, until you completely sit on the box.  Your shins are become a bit more vertical than that of a regular squat. Every muscle is kept tight while on the box with the exception of the hip flexors.  By releasing and then contracting the hip flexors and arching the upper back, you will jump off the box, building tremendous starting strength.  Remember to sit back and down, not straight down.  Your hamstrings will be strengthened to a high degree, which is essential.  Remember to sit on the box completely and flex off of it.  This type of squatting is hard work, but each rep shouldn’t be hard.


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