Squat Mobility: 7/28/2017

TGIF and it’s time to SQUAT! Tempo Squats at the call of 3,2,1 to descent and 2 seconds in the hole are on the plate for Friday.

Looking for some new mobility to warm-up those squats?  Here are two drills for you; Thank the Russians and the Hawaiians for these!


Protraction & Retraction: 7/25/2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 5.28.14 PM

Scapular retraction refers to moving the shoulder blades (scapula) towards the spine.  The opposite is protraction – moving the shoulder blades away from the spine.  If you give yourself a big bear hug your shoulder blades will protract.  If you try to pinch your shoulder blades all the way together they will retract.

We have become a society with forward sitting (protracted) shoulders.  For optimal shoulder health, it is important to be mindful of shoulder retraction in countless movements we do during CrossFit and in our everyday lives.

2 exercises you will see on Tuesday that you should be thinking of Protraction and Retraction of the Shoulders…. Strict Pull-Ups and Ring Rows.


Running Endurance: 6/21 & 6/24




Warm-Up: 4 x 400m Easy (Rest 1 minute between Reps)

Main Work-Out: 5 sets

Run 400m, Jog 200m, Run 200m, Jog 200m

*Rest 30 seconds between sets

Level 1:

Warm-Up: 400m X 3 easy

Rest 1 min between reps

Main Work-Out: 5 sets

Run 300m, Jog 200m, Run 200m, Jog 200m

*Rest 45 seconds between sets


Jump: 6/15/2017

A complex is a series of movements executed without setting the bar down in between reps.  Often the reps build on one another leading to the full, completed lift.  Thursdays Clean Complex will include:

  1. Power Clean
  2. Push Jerk
  3. Clean

A great cue for the clean is in the video below that even experienced CrossFitters should watch.  Staying over the bar as long as possible, then JUMP!  It prevents curling and pulling too early.  Take. A. Look!

How to Use a Lifting Belt: 6/9/2017

THRUSTERS and Rope Climbs on the Board for Friday, but a topic we have been asked about a lot lately is discussed below.  Lifting belts do serve a purpose.  Do you absolutely need one? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Should you learn to lift without one and properly control your core before using one? ABSOLUTELY YES!  If you have been curious, or own a belt, take a look!

Running Endurance: 5/9 & 5/13

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.28.48 PM

8 Big Points up for grabs!  There’s no rain drops (yet) showing for Tuesday or Saturday so lace up and join us!  Tuesday 5:30pm & Saturday 8:00am


RX Level 1
200m at fast pace 200m run
200m at easy pace 200m walk [fast walk]
Rest: 15sec Rest: 15sec
200m at fast pace 200m run
200m at easy pace 200m walk [fast walk]
Rest: 15sec Rest: 15sec
200m at fast pace 200m run
200m at easy pace 200m walk [fast walk]
400m at fast pace 400m run
200m at easy pace 200m walk [fast walk]
Rest: 15sec Rest: 15sec
800m at fast pace 800m run
200m at easy pace 200m walk [fast walk]
Rest: 15sec Rest: 15sec
Total: 3400m




Increase Strength Through Mobility: 5/5/2017

Mobilizing Is A Must

Flexibility is a primary element of strength. Bad mobility reinforces inefficient mechanics; inefficient mechanics hinder strength development. If you want to reap the benefits of the front squat, then mobilize regularly and enjoy the rewards.

Straight from MobilityWOD, Kelly Starrett puts forth a comprehensive guide to improving positioning so that the front squat can be optimized.

Here we look at what the problem may be and how to solve it…..

  • thoracic extension
  • shoulder position
  • wrist flexibiliy

Food For Thought: 5/3/2017

As you are embarking on our Fitness & Nutrition Challenge, keep in mind the top reasons why most fail at the Paleo Lifestyle….  For those of you here for Wednesday CrossFit info, we will be working on the Rope and Pull-Ups.

Why You’re Not Succeeding On The Paleo Diet….

Courtesy of Paleo Leap 

Too Much Nuts or Nut butter…

While they are natural, nuts and seeds can still be irritating to the gut and most of them have a bad fatty-acid profile. If you are struggling with your health or weight,  your consumption of most nuts and seeds should be limited. Just because things are Paleo, doesn’t mean we should be eating them by the handfuls.

Not Enough Carbs….

Sweet potatoA whole lot of people who embark on a Paleo diet become very carb-phobic and associate carbohydrates with instant fat gain. We have to keep in mind that fat gain is much more complicated than that and that we are well adapted to function on carbs or fat for energy. Limiting the amounts of carbs consumed by too much can lead to intense cravings and binging on unhealthy foods. Carbohydrates in general shouldn’t be feared, carbohydrates from toxic sources like grains, legumes and refined sugar should.

Coconut oilNot Enough Fat….

Modern science shows us that saturated fat is a great source of clean and non-toxic energy while too much lean protein can be a problem. Some people limit both fat and carbohydrate consumption, our two primary fuel sources, and either consume much more lean protein or consume less calories overall. For those who end up consuming too few calories, constant hunger is often felt and the energy levels usually plummet. Eat away at that healthy natural saturated fat and those sources of non-toxic carbohydrates.

Not Enough Nutritious Foods (nutrient deficiencies)

This simply means that chicken and vegetables day in and day out is not going to cut it. You should strive to frequently eat foods such as meat from grass-fed ruminants, fresh wild-caught fish, homemade stock, fermented vegetables, seafood, organs like liver and bone marrow and a good variety of fresh vegetables.

StrawberryToo Much Fruit…

Fruits are certainly natural, but most of them are loaded with fructose, which becomes toxic when consumed in high amounts. Just because many fruits are loaded with vitamin C, potassium, fiber and many natural anti-oxidant doesn’t mean that the fructose in them is less toxic. A few pieces of fruit per day shouldn’t be a problem at all, but over-doing it could be the reason why so many fail to lose the desired weight even on a Paleo diet.

Not Fully Committing…

Someone that cheats frequently has not even allowed their body to dispose of all toxins; thus, they have yet to achieve their optimal state. So for those of you still questioning how you are feeling on the diet, if the results aren’t at their best it could well be because you are preventing that from happening by not fully committing to the diet changes. Cheating and eating less desirable foods can be perfectly fine when done from on an infrequent basis, but I strongly recommend to people who first commit to the diet to do it fully for at least the first 30 days to let their body a chance to get rid of the bulk of the toxins and get nourished by the much more nutritious foods of Paleo.

Thrusters in 17.5?

There is a STRONG chance the lovely Thruster will make an appearance in the final WOD of the 2017 CrossFit Open.  In the most basic sense, a thruster combines a front squat and a push press.

Just as the bar rests on our shoulders in the front squat, the bar rests on our shoulders in the first phase of the thruster, with the elbows up.  Where this movement  goes wrong with most people is the transition from the front squat to the push press.  A strong hip drive will make this movement so much easier for you.  Take a look as Jason Khalipa explains…