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Create Tension in the Squat: 11/25/19


Wednesday 11/27 – No Kids Classes

Thursday 11/28 – No Classes

Friday 11/29 – ONLY 8:00am, 12:00pm & 4:30pm (all other classes canceled)

Saturday 11/30 – No Kids Classes


When preparing  to squat, we must first create tension. This is especially true if the weight is a max or near maximal effort.   First, we pull our elbows down which brings our chest up. Next step is to squeeze the bar very hard.  Not only squeeze the bar hard, but engage the lats by pulling the bar into your upper back.  This tension is so important for stabilizing the torso, protecting the spine, helping you to remain upright and increasing the amount of weight you can lift.

Give it a try!


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