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Fitness Friday: 2/12/21

The Open

The CrossFit Open begins March 11th.  We will be doing The Open work-outs every Friday, all day, during class.

The Board

9 minute station with 4 minutes to transition to the next.  You will only do one warm-up depending on what your start station is.

The Warm-Up & Mobility

Station #1

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three…. make sure your tempo is a true 3 seconds.

Station #2

  • Darts is a game that helps you with your stroke and consistency on the rower. Use this time wisely and work on your form/technique.
  • You will Row 20 Darts.  You don’t have to count…. On the top right you will see it counting down from 300.  When it reaches 280, get off and do your burpees, lunges and sit-ups.
  • After 3 Rounds, of the burpees etc. get back on the rower and row another 20 darts.
  • Keep going until you run out of time.
  • Score=your best round of darts

Station #3

The Finisher


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