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19.4 is: 3/15/19

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SEVERAL errors are being made when submitting scores and I can’t help you fix them if you enter them on Monday evening.  It’s a terrible thing if all that hard work would end up with a rejected score!  

Bar Muscle Up Tip #1 from Jessica Estrada

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Here are a few things to think about for 19.4: The Bar MU is not like a C2B. It’s more of a pushing movement versus a pulling movement. If you pull too early, you mute the hips and lose power. Focus on keeping the arms straight as long as possible by pushing down on the bar (like in a T2B 😉) During the transition, you have to continue to push down on the bar. This will allow you to keep tension in the lats and catch high versus the chest collapsing on the pull-up bar. Anticipate the press out as soon as the shoulders come over the top. Don’t forget your elbows. Often times the wrists and elbows stay behind the bar as the shoulders attempt to move over the top. You must shift the hands forward so the wrist makes it over the top, so will the elbows. And lastly….the more tension you create throughout your body, the more power you’ll produce. Maintain that hollow position throughout the transition. Good Luck and Have Fun! @karhustrength @cfgymnastics @crossfit @crossfitgames @crossfittraining #cfgcoach #cfgymnastics #crossfit #intheopen #barmuscleup

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Bar Muscle-Up Tip #2 from Pamela Gagnon

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| TECHNIQUE FOR BMU| ….. ▪️My BMU is a slight hybrid & read the standards for 19.4 but here are some tips! . [Amongst other things the standard states: No portion of the foot may rise above the height of the bar during the kip(and no glide kips etc).] . •Remember these two things: 📌Do NOT rush to support. It takes time to hit each position & if you rush to support you will most likely slam chest into bar or chicken wing.🙈 . 📌Activate LATS! •This is key in pressing down and around the bar to support. Wait as long as you can to pull around before you bend arms into support. ___ •Each step I froze the video to help you with some key points. •I find jumping into the BMU is the easiest way to begin but this is not the only way. ___ 🤸‍♂️Good luck & go hit those PRs! 🙌🏼Grips @wodndone . #19point4 #crossfittraining #barmu #barmuscleup #stagesofbarmuscleup #crossfitopentips @crossfittraining #crossfittraining video @crossfitweddington

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Bar Muscle Up Tip #3

  1. Start BEHIND the bar and jump into the rep.  This is not a Chest to Bar Pull-Up

Pull-Up Tips

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