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19.5 WOD and Tips: 3/22/19

We wrap up one of the most exciting Open seasons to date tomorrow!  Please join us for an energy packed Friday Night Lights!  Feel free to bring something to sip on and cheers the end of a very successful 5 weeks.  Let’s bring the energy and see who will finish and who will get their first C2B!



  1. Stay Back. Stay back on the heels and keep the bar in close. The weight of the bar should be over your mid foot, not your toes. Think about sitting back and driving your chest up.
  2. Have A Good Rack. The thruster rack position is a hybrid of the front squat and press. With that pseudo rack position, the bar should be sitting high on your shoulders and, if mobility allows, hold onto the bar throughout the entire thruster. The minute that bar slides down your shoulders is the minute it owns you!
  3. Punch The Bar Up! You’ve got to be aggressive in your thruster. As you are driving up, punch the bar to the ceiling! BUT DON’T PRESS TOO SOON!  Often people begin punching the bar up before recruiting the momentum of their hips.  Be patient, then, explode!
  4. Breathe At The Top. Pause for an extra second when the bar is overhead. This is faster then bringing the bar to your shoulders where you will undoubtedly take more then one second to breathe and lose momentum in taking you down. Establish a good rhythm for breathing (aka don’t hold your breath) and breathe at the top.

19.5 Strategy and Tips for Rx and Scaled

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| STRINGING CTB | . ▪️Some tips for #19point5 • It’s a lot of reps so small sets! •Having issues stringing ctb? This may be the reason: . 1. After your arch you anticipate getting the chest to the bar too early . 2. Therefore, you do NOT FINISH the hollow position so you can’t pull around and down on bar . 3. By pulling early, it sets you under the bar so you’re in the wrong position for the next rep! ….. 🔹WHAT TO FIX: 1. Be more patient! 2. After the arch you must hit hollow by pulling down on bar by engaging lats! 3. This creates momentum for your body to travel up 4. Then you can pull in to hit chest to bar 5. Now you’re more upright & can push away to continue into the next rep🙌🏼 …. NOTICE: 1. Different angle of body in each “pause” during video 2. Angle of wrists when you pull early vs. pulling around first …. Want more drills? •Click bio link & join @performanceplusprogram •Check out @cfgymnastics & …. #cfgcoach #crossfitgames #cfgymnastics #crossfittraining #gymnasty #cfg #pamelagnon #crossfit #mastersathlete #crossfitgames #mastersgamesathlete #gymnasticsconditioning #c2b @crossfittraining

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