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An Efficient Box Jump: 10/11/18

Sure, we can all jump on a box, but did you know there is efficiency to the movement?

Box jumps are great for any athlete and have a number of physical benefits… Increased explosiveness… The movement utilizes a lot of fast twitch muscles and that will help improve your overall explosiveness. Improved Olympic lifting… The rapid hip flexion in the top part of the box jump is the same as the hip flexion needed in the third pull of the snatch and the clean. Improved cardiovascular…Box jumps can be an exhausting exercise. Each rep uses a number of leg and core muscles, and after a few reps you will notice your heart rate start to rise.

Box Jumps can be made a lot easier, by following a few simple steps…..

The most effective and efficient way of doing box jumps, however, is to start and finish each rep on top of the box. If you need to have a rest, take it while standing on top of the box, and not on the ground.

DISCLAIMER: This technique is for those proficient with box jumps. 

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