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Back at It – 8/3/2015

It’s Monday!  Let’s Squat!  Starting the week off with the Front Squat.  It is important to focus on the importance of the hips, knees, stance and muscle mass in the squat.  The adductors lengthen in eccentric contraction as athletes squat down, and shorten in concentric contraction as athletes stand up. If the knees stay out, the adductors can be effectively stretched out, contributing to hip extension.

A very common fault occurs when athletes drop their knees in when they squat. They are not using their external rotators to keep their femurs in external rotation. They don’t get their adductors to contract and help with hip extension because the adductors never get stretched out into a position where they can contract. That’s why stance and knee position are so important.

Rest up, and get ready for another good week!

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