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Bench for Some: 11/28/17

We will be on the Bench Tuesday!  Remember, if you are doing the Crossover Symmetry 30-day shoulder fix, this is definitely not for you!



Keep Your Upper Back Tight/Shoulders Down and Back

Often  we see people flopped onto the bench, back loose, shoulder blades on either side of the bench, and shoulders rotating forward every time they push the barbell back up.

If you continue benching like this (i.e. like most people) you will never come close to your true potential and you will almost certainly end up with an injury.

Fix it: Sitting in your chair right now I want you to put your arms out in front of you as though you were about to bench press. Now, with your arms straight and your chest tall I want you to shove your shoulders down and away from your ears. Once you’ve done that try squeezing your upper back together as tight as possible.

Feel that? That’s exactly what your back should feel like throughout the entire movement. By keeping your back tight and your shoulders down and away from your ears you will:

  • Limit shoulder rotation, thus keeping your shoulders in a safer position
  • Create a larger and more stable platform on the bench, consequently reducing the total ROM
  • Bench more weight. Yayyyyy!

Lesson: Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears while keeping your upper back as tight as possible

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