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Best WOD of the Week 1/15/22

The CrossFit Open

  • Begins 2/24
  • Tee Shirt order forms coming soon with a NEW look inspired by the NOBULL Partnership.
  • 802 will be running the event as we did last year.  On Saturdays for most, with an option of Monday if you cannot attend on Saturday.
  • This is our biggest Community event of the year, and we want you to be a part of it with us!  Just 3 weeks, and tons of fun, hard work and the best energy imaginable.

The Board

The Movements

All movements are shown in the video below.  Keep in mind, you will not be moving through them consecutively as shown in the video

The Details

This is an Up ladder Down ladder with a row separating each.

One athlete works – on athlete rests

Rxers will begin with 5 reps of each movement working their way up the ladder to 10 reps of each

After 10 reps are complete, they will Row 1200m total (200 m increments)

After the row, they will begin at 10 reps working their way back down the list until 5 reps are complete

*Plate Hop reps are always 10 reps every round you do

For Example:

  • Athlete 1 performs 5 Lateral Plate Burpees
  • A2 Perform 5 Lateral Plate Burpees


  • Athlete 1 performs 5 Plate G2OH
  • A2 Performs 5 Lateral Plate Burpees


  • A1 performs 5 A -Jumps
  • A2 Performs 5 A Jumps


  • A1 performs 5 Plate AMSU
  • A2 performs 5 Plate AMSU


  • A1 performs 10 Plate Hops
  • A2 performs 10 Plate Hops

Round 2:

Athletes go back and fourth performing 6 reps each – with 10 Plate Hops

Round 3:

Athletes go back and fourth performing 7 reps of each – with 10 Plate Hops



Performance Athletes begin the ladder at 4 reps and only work to 9, with a 1000m Row

Male 35# Plate

Female 25# Plate

Fitness Athletes begin the ladder at 1 working to 6 reps, with a 800m Row

Male 15# Plate

Female 10# Plate

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