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Best WOD of the Week 11/14/20

Covid Updates 11/13/20

  • Hoping you all heard the Governor’s Press Conference on Friday.  If you didn’t, realize Vermont’s numbers are growing, and we all have the same goal.  STAY OPEN AND STAY SAFE.  We need your help and cooperation more than ever before to do this!
  • We will be sending out an email with updates before Monday so please take the time to read it over before coming back to class.  This is important.  The more diligent we can be, the safer we will all continue to feel doing what we love.

Immediate Changes

  • ONLY couples and family will be partnered up sharing equipment/mats.  No more pod pals ,or sharing bars with someone you may feel comfortable with. 
  • SPREAD OUT – if you’re in a small class, put 12 feet between you and someone else instead of 6. Because, why not?!
  • Masks are encouraged during the ‘strength’.  Let’s be real… We’re all used to the things by now, there’s no reason we can’t clean or press with a mask on.  Can’t hurt to keep that thing up until the WOD begins…. 
  • Temperature Checks upon arrival.  Anything greater than, or equal to, 100.4 will require you to go home.
  • Wearing masks covering your MOUTH and NOSE every time you leave your mat.
  • Spraying and wiping down everything you touch throughly. Bringing your rag with you to give the area your hand touched one final wipe down. 
  • Respect others space and give them distance at all times.
  • Using the back room on a regular basis to spread members out even more.

Couples – We Need Your Help

If you are a couple, and plan on attending Saturday, 4:30 or 5:40pm weekly, please try and attend the same class.  If one of you makes a reservation and then cancels, please text us to let us know instead of canceling on MindBody.  Couples dictate the number of people we have room for in class.  If one of the couple cancels and lets a non-couple individual in from the waitlist, it screws up how many spots we have available.  I will talk to you all individually to help have this make more sense.  Don’t worry if you can’t always do this, it will just help whenever you can.  Sara (802) 238-6546 Tarken (802) 233-4414



The Board

Still working out some website trouble, your board pic is a board video…. Please screen shot if you need to.

The Warm-Up

Coach Led


This WOD is a ‘Choose your own path’ type WOD.  That means you can get the given amount of reps done any way you would like, in any order, any rep scheme as you want.  The catch is that Every 3 minutes you have to stop where you are and do a 100m run.

Depending on what room you are working out in, you will all head out a different door, leaving on staggering minutes….

A few tips…

  • Come up with a plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • I choose to do 5 Cleans, 10 G2OH, 10 BH, 10 V-Taps which ended up being a bad plan because my heart rate never came down.  Grinstead choose bigger sets of Bar Hops to get them out of the way at the beginning, and this seemed to work better toward the end when you star to fatigue.
  • Write a white board out or a plan on the floor in chalk.  I would recommend writing down 5-10-15-20 etc and doing that number of reps  and crossing it out before switching to the next movement.  It gets very confusing if you do odd numbers of each and have to keep writing new things on the floor.

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