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Best WOD of the Week: 2/13/21

The Board

  • You will start with Part A, while your partner starts with Part B.  At the end of the 14:00, you will have 4:00 to clean, rest, and swap equipment.
  • YOU WILL SWAP EQUIPMENT, NOT MATS (so we don’t have to mop)
  • The scorable portion is Reverse Plate Lunges and Ball Slams.  You MUST choose a rep scheme that will get you there.
  • If you are getting to the RPL and Slams with any more than 20 seconds left on the clock, you should scale up a bit.  If you are getting there with less than 10 seconds, you should scale back.


The video says each part is 12:00, that is incorrect.  Each part is 14:00

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