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Best WOD of the Week: 5/14/22


Lots of information landed in your inboxes Tuesday night.  Please make sure to read the details.


The Board

You’re going to have fun with this one!  The pace is fast from start to finish!

The Met-Con

You will tackle all runs in parts…

For example Rx=600m

  • A1 Runs 150m while A2 Rests
  • A2 Runs 150m while A1 Rests
  • Repeat for a grand total of 600m

When BOTH athletes are done running, you will begin your rounds.  A1 will work, A2 will rest.  These rounds should be fast (roughly 0:30 per person).

This WOD will finish with some exciting sprints.  Again, A1 sprints, A2 rests – going until sprints are complete

The Movements

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