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Best WOD of the Week: 6/19/21

The Board

You’re going to have fun with this one!  The pace is fast from start to finish!


Similar to a few weeks ago, we will tackle the run in parts….

  • Athlete 1 will run, while Athlete 2 rests.  The work will be divided as stated for each round.  Notice the run distance will increase.
  • For example: A1 Runs 150m while A1 rests.  When A1 returns, A2 will run while A1 rests.  You will each run twice for a total of 600m.

When BOTH athletes are done running, you will begin your rounds.  A1 will work, A2 will rest.  These rounds should be fast (roughly 0:30 per person).

This WOD will finish with some exciting sprints.  Again, A1 sprints, A2 rests – going until 12 total sprints are complete (6 per person).

The Movements

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