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Best WOD of the Week 7/31/21

Back Pain Seminar

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The Board

We had a lot of fun putting this WOD together.  Doesn’t look all that exciting, but the fast pace, quick switches and row break, made us really enjoy this WOD!


  • Your box will be set 30m from your mat. This WOD will begin with both athletes standing at the box,  at 3-2-1 Go, one athlete will run to the rubber mat, perform your slams, then run back to the box to perform the box hop-overs.  You will then run back to the rubber mat, perform V-Taps, then finish your round running back to the box and performing Kettlebell swings.
  • When all 4 movements are complete, athlete 2 will go.
  • You will do 8 rounds total (4 each), then move on to the long row.  This row must be divided, and it advised to break it into 200m increments for Rx/Per and 125m increments for Fitness.
  • You will then do another 8 rounds total to complete the work-out

Box Hop Over

Kettlebell Swing

D Ball Slams



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