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I don’t know about you, but hill sprints takes me back to the days of high school sports! Get ready to re-live that oh so good feeling this week as we take our Endurance Training to the Hill at Green Mountain Coffee. We will depart 802 as a group and head over to Green Mountain...
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Set An ALARM! 1. You must submit your scores online for every Open work-out.  Your coaches cannot do it for you. Enter your scores at by Monday at 8pm. 2. Coaches must ‘validate’ your scores online in order for them to post to the leaderboard.  Be patient with your coaches.  They will do this...
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It’s a Chipper In CrossFit, the word “chipper” doesn’t have any reference to one’s mood or well-being.  It is a series of movements performed in order, not moving on to the next until all reps are complete. Open Viewing Party is Tonight! The CrossFit Open begins TONIGHT! Remember to join us if you can to...
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Modifying workouts—SCALING—is the Foundation of CrossFit Coaches take a challenging workout prescription and alter it so each individual can work at his or her level and become healthier and fitter. It’s been happening since Greg Glassman invented the program, and scaling came to the Open in 2015 as a way to enable more people to...
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A Complex: A Complex is a series of movements executed without setting the bar down in between reps.  Often the reps build on one another leading to the full, completed lift. Our Complex will consist of: Hang Power (bar does not descend below knees and the catch is above parallel) Hang Clean (bar does not descend...
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