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The Jerk moves the barbell from the shoulders to a locked-arm position overhead in a single explosive movement. The barbell is driven off the shoulders with a violent dip-drive. In the split second that the upward drive of the hips and shoulders makes the barbell weightless, the athlete drives the body down with the arms until...
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Not necessary, but adding a fun little spin on things, Rx athletes (if they have one) will be wearing a vest for Tuesdays WOD. The Benefits of Exercising with a Weighted Vest Weighted vests force you to carry extra weight on your body, therefore they make any activity—from walking to running to pull-ups— more difficult. Since...
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We had a pretty amazing 5 Year Anniversary Party and we really want to thank all of you that came out to help celebrate! A special thank you goes out to Simonne for smoking and pulling 6 chickens and pork butts for us, Keith Cookson for smoking and pulling 10lbs of chicken thighs and chopping...
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  Saturday Heat Times are Officially DONE!!! A Few Things That Will Make The Day Smoooooth…. Arrive at 9am for athlete briefing If you can’t stay for all WOD’s do what you can and let us know to pull you out of heats you can’t stay for. You MAY bounce from Rx to Scaled depending...
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We are up to 50+ Athletes for this Saturday!  Numbers are locked in and heat schedules are now be created!  Remember, if you are WODing, please arrive at 9am.  Heats will begin shortly after and run until around noonish. PLEASE WEAR YOUR 802 GEAR the talented Chris Russell will be taking photos for us all...
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