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Bench Program Resumes We will be on the Bench again picking up where we left off last week.  This week, the rep scheme will go as follows… Quick off bench warm-up On bench warm-up:  15 reps (barbell) 10 reps (light weight) 5 reps (little more) Heavy Single X  3 rounds 5X3 at 85% of 1RM...
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Primary focus of today’s Clean work will be SPEED UNDER THE BAR. Jump Hard Not High Written by Sage Burgener I think if I were forced to name my single most favorite aspect of Olympic Weightlifting, it would be the element of speed that is required for obtaining a heavy snatch and/or clean and jerk....
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  Pull-Up + Knee Raise What’s this working???? The exercise targets the latissimus dorsi (colored red), the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles. Hip flexion is performed by the hip flexors, and the abdominal muscles create spinal flexion, with the knees moving toward the chest. The abdominals do not raise the legs, they work statically...
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Keith White will be out of town and Allie will be leading the pack on both Tuesday and Saturday this week.  As you saw last Saturday, please keep an eye on class cancelations due to extreme cold/weather conditions throughout the winter. We will always post on FaceBook and eliminate class from the schedule.  Generally, deep...
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WEEK 3 Back Front Day One 1 x 8 65% 1×5 60% 1×8 70% 1×5 70% 1×6 80% 1×5 75% 1×6 85% 1×5 80% By now, you’ve realized the intensity of this Squat Program.  One thing is certain, the more you can focus on your entire body for every single rep, the easier it is...
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