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The CrossFit Open Begins this week!  If you don’t know the details, everything you need to know is on the WOD board!  Please read! Movements For All Banded Lat Pull-down ▶️ Supermen ▶️ Scapular Pull-up  ▶️ All the movement is in the shoulders.  Nothing in arms or biceps. Kipping Pull-Up Tap Swings ▶️ Remember that hollow body position and...
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  Rose are Red, Violets are Blue, Who Needs a Valentine, we’ve got You!  You can even bring your significant other along with you for Free Trial Thursday!  Does it get any better than that?! PERFECT LUNGE EXECUTION Keep your spine erect with no wavering forward, backward, or side to side. If you’re traveling in...
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Why is breath is so important when you Jerk?  Well, if done at the wrong time, it will disconnect you from the bar, resulting in a loss of power.  Have a look! *Please note: Instagram videos are clipped short so you must scroll right to view each video. VIEW VIDEO HERE Extra Work: The Pallof...
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You can’t have a good Snatch if you have a bad start position.  Sometimes it is a great idea to review the basics no matter how experienced you are.  CrossFit Invictus examines the start position of the Snatch and the importance of each.  Do you hit each of these key points before hitting the lift?...
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