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No Free Trial This Week! Never mind what the videos below say… we will not be holding our Free Trial classes this week on 4/15. Please tell your friends we will be back on schedule next Thursday 4/22, but our next Foundations begins on 4/19. The Board The Warm-Up The Strength The WOD The Finisher
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The Board The Mobility Banded Hamstring The Warm-Up The Strength Tempo Deadlifts with a 0:03 descent.  Remember, your count is slow… one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three.  When we slow our deadlifts down, we have to be even more aware our form and keeping that back flat through our lift. The WOD...
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The Board The Mobility Doorway Stretch World’s Greatest Stretch The Warm-Up Corkscrews Station #1 Bench Remember, no collars when we bench. TIPS Think about creating tension on the bar as you lift.  When the bar comes down, think about bending the two ends up to the ceiling.  When it goes up, think about the ends...
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Warm up – running Run loop 10-TTL 10-TTH 10-Jumping jacks Run loop X 2 10-heel walks 10-toe walks 10-CWC 10-AS   RX Performance Fitness 3 min mod 3 min mod 30 min run/walk 3 min easy/walk 3 min easy/walk X 4 X 3 2 min mod/fast 2 min mod/fast 2 min easy/walk 2 min easy/walk...
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The Board The Mobility Low Back Scorpions The Warm-Up Muscle Clean Good Mornings The Strength We are building to a heavy single (except new CrossFitters).  The high hang and hang will help prep you and build the weight on the bar before taking it to the floor. Don’t forget that active rest!  You will thank...
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