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RX 1200 easy 100 sprint 100 walk 100 sprint X 3 rest 1 min B/T 2 min rest 500 easy 200 fast X4 :30 sec rest B/T each Performance  1200 easy 100 sprint 100 walk 100 sprint X 2 rest 1 min B/T 2 min rest 500 easy 200 fast X4 :30 sec rest B/T...
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Choose Your Path We will be working through 3 strength progressions Tuesday.  You will choose 1 depending on your level. Option #1: Kipping Pull-Up Tap Swings ▶️ Mastering the opening and closing of the shoulder joint while moving the body from the Hollow to Arch Positions Tap Swing + Pull Down + Knees Up Same...
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Final Week Pause Squats means re-testing for a 1 RM NEXT MONDAY!  For this week, take a look at the board below, find 85% of the weight you have listed and perform 3 sets of 3 reps Front Squats with a :03 Pause at the bottom, and a :10 Pause at the Top. We will...
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Pull The Tension Out of the Bar: You want to create a tremendous amount of tension using your lats. Grab the bar, and use the weight as a counterbalance to pull yourself into proper pulling position. You will use the bar to drive your chest up, and lower your hips into their optimal position.  A common mistake...
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At the bottom of the pushup, you want to strive to have your elbows stacked directly over the wrists. Different limb lengths and body types can make it difficult to attain this position, and it doesn’t have to be a perfect right angle but the more you can *strive* to stack your elbows over your...
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