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At the bottom of the pushup, you want to strive to have your elbows stacked directly over the wrists. Different limb lengths and body types can make it difficult to attain this position, and it doesn’t have to be a perfect right angle but the more you can *strive* to stack your elbows over your...
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When deadlifting, too many people simply bend down, grab the bar and rip it up off the floor. That’s a big mistake. After you’ve grabbed the bar properly, use it as a lever to pull the rest of your body into proper position. At first you will notice some slack. Pull the slack out of...
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Handstand Push-Ups build strength in the prime movers (chest, shoulders and triceps), improve balance, and condition the core. Although they are not advised for beginners, they can be modified to suit the needs of less experienced athletes. With the CrossFit Open fast approaching, we will be addressing Handstand Push-Up Technique on Tuesday.  If this is...
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A common problem with the clean is athletes letting the bar crash onto them in the turnover. In other words, the bar falls into the rack position rather than the bar and shoulders connecting smoothly. This creates excessive downward force on the lifter, encouraging collapsing of the trunk, a loss of position, poor timing in...
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Ring Muscle Ups In The Open Will there be a movement in The CrossFit Open you cannot do 1 of, or might not be very good at?  GUARANTEED. I remember very clearly the first time I saw Ring Muscle Ups programmed in The Open.  By far, 15.3 was the most exciting Open WOD we have...
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