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For the next 11 weeks, MONDAY will be a very important strength training day.  We will be starting our Pause Squat Program to build STRENGTH in your squats. Pause Reps are the opposite of ballistic or plyometric training.  Rather than seeking to take advantage of increased nervous innervation or an increased function of the elastic...
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snatch noun Full Definition of SNATCH 1 a :  a brief period <caught snatches of sleep> b :  a brief, fragmentary, or hurried part :  bit <caught snatches of the conversation> 2 a :  a snatching at or of something b slang :  an act or instance of kidnapping 3 :  a lift in weight...
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To become the most efficient rowers we can be, we first looked at finding our most powerful damper setting.  Part II of perfecting our rowing technique involves the Sprint Start.  A critical rowing strategy, the Sprint Start gets the flywheel spinning as quickly as possible.  The Sprint Start is a 5 stroke sequence that is...
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  The mid-week DeadLift Being no more than picking a thing off the ground, the DeadLift keeps company with standing, running, jumping, and throwing for functionality but imparts quick and prominent athletic advantage like no other exercise.  The deadlift’s primal functionality, whole-body nature, and mechanical advantage with large loads suggest its strong neuroendocrine impact, and...
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Shoulder mobility is an essential component of good human movement and effective training programs. If we are training the upper body to pull and push in multiple planes through a full range of motion, shoulder mobility is a necessity. What is Active Shoulder Support? Active shoulder refers to a position of the body at which...
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