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It’s Monday!  Let’s Squat!  Starting the week off with the Front Squat.  It is important to focus on the importance of the hips, knees, stance and muscle mass in the squat.  The adductors lengthen in eccentric contraction as athletes squat down, and shorten in concentric contraction as athletes stand up. If the knees stay out, the adductors...
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It’s dark before 9 and tomorrow is the last day of July.  See why grumbling about hot days is a bad idea people!  Appreciate the heat and the long sweaty WODs while we have them!  We are wrapping up the week with Hang Power Cleans. The HPC develops better force production in the extension and...
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Mike Burgener is a Senior International Weightlifting Coach for the US and runs a Regional Training Center for USA Weightlifting from his home in CA. He has coached the Junior World Women’s Weightlifting Team, and his son, Casey Burgener is a notable American Olympic Weightlifter. Ladies and Gentlemen….  The Split Jerk
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Strength: SDLHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull) Last week we worked on the Sumo Deadlift, while this week we add the high pull. The sumo deadlift high pull builds on the deadlift by introducing powerful hip extension to the movement. Often misinterpreted as a shoulder exercise, the high pull is a core-to-extremity movement that derives the...
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Join us this Saturday 7/18 for our 2 year Birthday Bash!  BBQ, In-House Competition, La Sportiva and Kuhl Sample Sale and BIG SAVINGS for new members that stop by!  It is a great day to check out what we are all about; we hope to see you there! 9am-1pm    
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