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By definition, a Snatch is an exercise where the bar is pulled from the floor to a locked-arms position in one continuous move. The bar does not stop on the way up, and there is no pressing out at the finish. The power snatch is one form of the lift, but the full squat snatch...
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It’s the first day of September!  Let’s get upside down and celebrate!  We have noticed a HUGE improvement since incorporating focused mobility into each class.  You all have been doing a great job mobilizing on your own and want to make sure we continue on this path.  Tomorrow we work on Hand Stand Push-Ups.  A...
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Week 4: Pause Squats resumes on Monday.  The progression is similar to last week except your weight for the 3×3 will be 83% instead of 80%.  You will have time to find your 1RM Front Squat with a 7 second hold at the bottom/15 second hold at the top.  Once your 1 Rep Max is...
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We had to say goodbye to 2 more pretty awesome people this week.  Tobi and Tyler, it was a great summer with you both!  Have a great year and we will see you next year!!!
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