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Tuesday Gymnastics Program Choose the category you fall under and only watch the videos for that focus.  Level One For those that DO NOT  have strict pull-ups, or want to get stronger at strict pull-ups. Level Two For those that HAVE a strict or multiple strict pull-ups, but are lacking good kipping technique.  This will...
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WARM – UP Run loop 10-TTL 10-TTH 10-Jumping jacks 5-driveway hill sprints 10-heel walks 10-toe walks 10-CWC 10-jumping AS   RX Performance Fitness 1600M – easy/mod 1200M – easy/mod 1000M – easy/mod 2:00 rest 2:00 rest 2:00 rest 4 X 400M MOD 4 X 400M MOD 4 X 400M MOD 2:00 rest 2:00 rest 2:00...
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Friendly Reminders (newsletter emailed Sunday, 11/28) Thanksgiving is behind us and we are now gearing up for more Holidays ahead.  As we do so, it is a great time to review some guidelines that are important to us.   PLEASE REMEMBER  Attending the gym with a cold, illness or stomach bug has never been okay. Covid...
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The Board The Details Choose your own adventure… What that means is you can do the given reps, in any order, broken up however you want.  Come up with a game plan depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Is the barbell heavy for you?  Divide those into smaller sets.  Do you get gassed easy?  Break...
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No Classes UPDATED! 5:30am or 6:40am ~ NO 5:40PM CLASS EITHER – 12:00 and 4:30pm are running according to schedule The Board The Mobility Low Back Mobility McKenzie Press-Up The Met-Con This work-out starts on the rower.  Pick a distance that you can get the first row done under the 3:00 time cap. After the...
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