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Want to Improve Your Kettlebell Swing? Make sure you are paying attention to the following… 1-FAILING TO USE EXPLOSIVE HIP DRIVE By far, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make. The ketttlebell swing is done with explosive hip drive. As the bell is propelled forward horizontally, the kettlebell is raised approximately to shoulder...
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Including a warm-up here because Keith will be out of town on Saturday, 8/24 and the following Tuesday.  Make sure to do the warm-up if you are running independently.   Warm-Up (All Levels) 400m easy jog (200m and back) 10 Toe Touches High with swing back (total) 10 Toe Touches Low (total) 20 Ankle Rotations (total)...
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You know who you are…. If you are one that always gets told to bring your hips up, keep your core tight while doing Push-Ups, this is what we are seeing, and this is why we want you to fix it.
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The Girls…. The Female WODs of CrossFit introduce a series of workouts that will serve to measure and benchmark your performance and improvements through repeated, irregular, appearances. “Why are the workouts named after Girls?” Coach Glassman, the founder of CrossFit explained it best. “I want to explain the workout once and then give it a...
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UPDATED: The original blog post for Friday is below.  We moved Ring Dips from the WOD to the extra work though…. It is still a great drill to give a try!  Having trouble figuring out the Kip of the Dip?  You’re not alone.  The Kip of the Dip tends to be the opposite of what...
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