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20.2 Open Announcement 8pm Don’t miss it to see what is in store this week! Tune in Live at BIG FAVOR to Ask…. A UVM film student will be at Friday Night Lights filming a short video for our website.  We are trying to capture the essence of what makes CrossFit different…. the camaraderie,...
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A common fault we see in the Clean and Snatch is when the lats are not engaged prior to attempting the lift.  The lats are a very important stabilizer often overlooked when we are executing our pre-lift check list. Something that may help… Shoulders and Lats engaged We talk a lot about the shoulders being...
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RX 1600m mod 800 slow 1200 mod 600 slow 800 mod 400 slow 400 mod 200 slow NO REST !! Walk during slow if needed. Performance  1200m mod 800 slow 1000 mod 600 slow 600 mod 400 slow 400 mod 200 slow NO REST !! Walk during slow if needed. Fitness  1000m mod 500 slow...
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Getting some things out of the way that we ‘may’ see in 20.2  towards the beginning of the week we will take a look at Deadlifts, Double Unders and Handstand Push-Ups.  Take a look at some ‘how-tos’ and tips on all below! Double Under Points of Performance: Same Jump as a Single Under, Just Bigger...
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We kicked off the 2020 Open Season with a BANG on Friday.  The energy all day, but especially at night was just awesome.  It was by far our biggest Friday Night Lights turnout to date, so please lets keep that going! That being said, DON’T FORGET TO ENTER YOUR SCORE.  You have until 8pm to...
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