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The hook grip is a pronated grip in which the thumb is trapped between the bar and the first and second fingers, depending on hand size. . This is an eventual necessity to maintain control of the bar during the violent explosion of the second pull. . It’s important to understand that the thumb is...
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Free Trial Thursday burn coming at you as we all know well by now.  If your friends are wondering if they should join, or if you’re ever feeling the urge to throw in the towel and take a break from exercising, this video should help scare you out of it! How your body changes when...
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Another Free Trial Thursday WOD that requires little pointers or tips.  So instead, the focus of today’s blog post is about learning to rest and take care of your body. Body Maintenance When you’re not destroying your body by working out, you should be maintaining it. It’s the listening to your body that’s important. Go...
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Rowing Faster by Going Slower Read as Concept 2 explains… To get faster, row slower. This seems like contrary advice, but by varying your stroke rate you can actually improve your technique and overall speed. A higher stroke rate (strokes per minute, spm, or “s/m” on the monitor) doesn’t necessarily mean greater intensity. To row with...
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The video below talks about bar separation from the body in the dip portion of a push press, push jerk and jerk.  The goal is to dip with control so that the bar stays on your body making for a more powerful explosion.  On Wednesday, think about this as we execute Jerks! Something I think...
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