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Often times we go through the motions of exercises without really focusing on staying tight and engaging the muscles needed for any said movement.  When squatting, our quads often take over and the real muscle behind the movement (the glutes) are not working to their full potential. Who doesn’t want a better looking booty?!  If...
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Free Trial Thursday brings Bench Pressing and Dips.  A great video for those working on kipping their dip is below, but please read on as we continue our discussion of supplements…. Kip your Dip Video Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) Branched-chain amino acids are essential nutrients that the body obtains from proteins found in food,...
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Slowing Down The Clean The first pull, or where you take the weight from the ground to the knees, is the time of the lift where setting up a good position is vital. Focus on keeping the torso at the same angle, the weight on the heels and your posterior chain engaged. Do this slowly and it will ensure you’ll...
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Pack those socks we will be climbing the ropes on Tuesday! The Dip Drive Find your wall and pretend it’s behind you…. Often when coaching the Dip of a Push Press or Jerk the tendency is to lean forward instead of directly down.  It happens so quick that it is quite easy to miss.  Not...
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RX Warm up   1600m (4 x 400m) with 90sec rest between reps 3min rest (5 x 300m) with 60sec rest between reps 3min rest (8 x 200m) with 30sec rest between reps Cool down 800m 7100m Interval pace is fast !!!!!   Performance Warm up   1200m (3 x 400m) with 90sec rest between...
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