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Sumo Deadlift High Pull is a great power developer. The lift starts much like the deadlift, but with a wider stance and narrow grip. The weight is accelerated using your legs and hips to drive it to a top position directly under your chin. It is fast and moves the weight a long distance, therefore making the...
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Free Trial Thursday always means a grinder of a WOD that you know you just love! This week, another ‘active rest’ station is coming at you which will really work those buns if executed properly…. Let’s look at what sometimes can be seen as a very basic movement, The Step-Up….  The Step-Up is a hip-dominant exercise that...
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You want skill work, you got it! Ropes, Hand Stand Push-Ups, Pistols & Dips…. Our favorite clips of each are below! Rope Climb: Kick, Scoop, Squeeze Hand Stand Push-Up: Elbow Position & The Kip Dips: Put the Kip in Your Dip
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Kipping pull ups represent a large part of the philosophy of CrossFit, which is efficiency, or the ability to do more repetitions faster while maintaining a full range of motion. However, Strict movement builds strength and this is where your journey MUST begin. Strict movements prepare the smaller muscle groups for kipping. When doing strict movements you...
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Reminder: Keith White will be out of town on Saturday 4/7, Wednesday 4/11 & Saturday 4/14.  You may certainly run from 802, but runs will be independent.  Check the blog from programs though as they still will be posted. Hill repeats [at GMCR or, find a hill and do the work listed below] Rx  3...
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