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The Hang Snatch has many purposes. It can be used as an exercise to help teach beginners to snatch as it is often easier than lifting from the floor or, as a training exercise, the common purpose is to develop better force production in the extension and more aggressiveness in the pull under, owed to...
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Running Endurance meets on Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 8:00am.  Can’t make it then?  You can easily do this speed work on your own using the meter marks on Morse Drive, or on the treadmill! RX 500m fast-500m slow 400m fast-400m slow 300m fast-300m slow 200m fast-200m slow 100m fast-100m slow X 2 No...
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It’s Monday, and that means giving movements we haven’t seen yet in The Open one last try!   Every year since 2011, the Thruster and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups have been programmed in The Open.  We have yet to see either one, so we might as well give them a go!  The two videos provided go...
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Thank goodness for all that Diane practice we’ve had lately!  Remember, this will be where most spend the majority of their time tomorrow.  Take the time to mobilize and warm-up before attacking these weights! We are looking at a 9 minute time cap for the WOD.  And YES, the scaling will be taken back one...
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Squatting is a full body exercise. In addition to every muscle in your lower body, squatting also involves your lower back, upper back, abdominals, lateral trunk muscles, ribcage, shoulders, and arms.  Why is important for you to understand this??? If you can hold your entire body tight, more muscles are recruited which allows you to lift...
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