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Nothing too intense coming your way as we await 18.4, but you can expect a nice little sweat dripping down your brow!  Wedged between some kicks in the pants, there will be some time time spent in the plank position. With all things we do, there is a way to execute it to get the...
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Advanced Kids CrossFit CANCELED (make-up date set to April 18th) Running Endurance CANCELED (shooting to make up tomorrow, Thursday) ALL OTHER CLASSES ARE ON!
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Did You Know? Olympic Weightlifting has no equal for developing speed, flexibility and coordinated, total-body strength and muscle. The core strength and mobility that is developed by the sport means that Olympic lifters have some of the highest vertical leaps of all athletes. The speed of the movement requires Olympic lifters to recruit every fast-twitch...
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Rx 600m at moderate pace 300m recovery jog 600m at moderate pace Rest: 3min 3x (100m sprint with 300m recovery jog b/t reps) X2 Fitness/Performance 500m at moderate pace 200m recovery jog 500m at moderate pace Rest: 3min 3x (100m sprint with 200m recovery jog b/t reps) X2
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As you know, the Sumo Deadlift varies from a regular deadlift, but notice here what your hips are doing differently…. Get your hips closer to the bar. We do this as we pull slack out of the bar and think about pushing your hips and back into the bar as your knees are pushing out.  This...
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