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The Board Time for a little Saturday fun! No scores, just movement with a little push from some friends! Each station will have roughly 4 people.  You will cycle through the movements continuously for 3:00, then rotate to the next station in 1:15. Toes to Rings Surprisingly, once you get your rhythm, Toes to Rings...
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The Vermontster We have 20 802 members competing this weekend in Berlin at the Vermonster.  If you are looking for something to do, take a ride!  They would love to see you cheering them on! The Board The Mobility Prize Squat The Warm-Up Split Stance Squat The Strength Active Rest:Low Body Russian Twist The demonstration...
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Free Trial Thursday Attendees  Advanced notice required. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign a waiver. You will see a GREEN light in the window when it is time to enter.  If the RED light is on, please remain outside.   Please take a look at the videos below. You may have questions, and that’s...
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The Board The Mobility Snow Angel (Foam Roll) Thread the Needle The Strength We will be doing a Shoulder to Overhead Build, to include some Back Rack Split Jerks.  The Back Rack Split Jerks will be with a fairly light weight to reenforce proper positioning of the split jerk. We tend to see a nice...
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The Board The Mobility Banded Hamstring The Warm-Up Lateral Lunges Scorpions The Strength Working to a heavy single for the day.  If you are new to CrossFit, perhaps working on 3 good reps instead of singles is a good idea! Your score for the strength will be the weight for all 4 singles added together...
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