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7 Things To Improve Your Clean By Sage Burgener #1: Discontinue your day job at the strip club. (Shoulders, hips, and bar move up together off the ground–no stripper butts). #2: God gave you lats to activate. Do NOT disappoint him (Set your lats before the bar leaves the ground, or you WILL pull with...
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RX Performance  Fitness 1000m easy 800m easy 600m easy 1000m mod 800m mod 600m mod rest 1:00 rest 1:00 rest 1:00 800m easy 600m easy 500m easy 800m mod 600m mod 500 mod rest 1:00 rest 1:00 rest 1:00 600m easy 400m easy 400m easy 600m mod 400m mod 400m mod rest 1:00 rest 1:00...
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The Pause, or Segmented Clean is performed identically to the Clean, with the exception that there are one or more pauses included during the pull. Begin the lift as you would a clean, and when you reach the first prescribed pause height, hold that position for the prescribed time (usually 2-3 seconds). After the pause,...
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Rope Climbs for Wednesday BRING A TALL SOCK or GUARD! The new ropes are super sticky and will leave a burn and blood behind without protection.  All individuals using the ropes must have a tall sock, or guard in order to climb. Pants will not suffice. If you are not a Rope Climber, you will...
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Nutrition Challenge Sign-Up Our Nutrition Challenge Sign-Up is now LIVE.¬† Please see all there is to know under the ‘Membership at 802’ tab on our site and get signed up HERE BEFORE 4/19 HSPU and Strict Press When executing the Handstand Push-Up (Strict, Kipping, or Deficit), it is important we think about this movement just...
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