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The CrossFit Open If this is still a mystery to you, be sure to keep scrolling to Mondays Blog Post for more information.  Big things happening February 21st! The Strict Press The strict press is a compound movement that is great for developing upper body strength and midline stability.  It primarily strengthens the upper traps,...
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Found this post I made on FaceBook after we repeated CrossFit Open WOD 16.4 in 2017.  The stats are still just as interesting to see as well as the pics below!  Take a look and let’s beat those scores once again! 17.4 Stats: It’s become customary to repeat a workout from a prior Open because...
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The Push Up is probably one of the most common and basic body-weight exercises, but often the one most commonly flawed.  In this progression series we discuss the ideal positions and transitions so you can maximize the benefits of performing this movement and see how it rolls over into other movements we perform. In this...
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What Do You Say, Should We Give This One a Whirl?! Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Devil’s Press
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We are working those DBalls into our Tuesday WOD.  It is important to keep that form in check as you heave that ball over your shoulder.  You should not be bent over with an excessive rounding of your spine, but you will however be slightly more neutral than what a traditional deadlift calls for. Hips...
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