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Front Squat Fault: Your Elbows Won’t Stay High Enough In the Front Squat, the goal should be to keep the elbows pointing as far upwards as possible to promote parallel lines between the upper arm and the floor at all times. If you’ve noticed that every time you front squat your elbows start pointing towards...
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FREE TRIAL THURSDAY Not really sure there is anything more that you really need to know…. As always, it will be a nice little kick in the pants for ya! CROSSOVER SYMMETRY Crossover Symmetry folks have been doing an AWESOME job getting the work done!  Again, if you missed the email/blog/FaceBook posts, here it is...
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Nothing will expose your weaknesses like the overhead squat. Of all the supporting lifts for Olympic weightlifting movements, the overhead squat requires the most complex combination of leg strength, midline strength, back and shoulder flexibility, and shoulder stability. When lacking mobility in any of these areas, the movement becomes challenging very quickly.  Take a look...
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We will be on the Bench Tuesday!  Remember, if you are doing the Crossover Symmetry 30-day shoulder fix, this is definitely not for you!   Keep Your Upper Back Tight/Shoulders Down and Back Often  we see people flopped onto the bench, back loose, shoulder blades on either side of the bench, and shoulders rotating forward...
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We are back to our regular Wednesday/Saturday schedule this week!  Don’t let your Running Endurance go down the tubes as things get colder.  That holiday food will just end up catching up with you! Join us! RX Fitness/Performance 4min easy, 2min fast, 4min easy 3min easy, 1min fast, 3min easy Rest 1min Rest 1min 3min...
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