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At the bottom of the pushup, you want to strive to have your elbows stacked directly over the wrists. Different limb lengths and body types can make it difficult to attain this position, and it doesn’t have to be a perfect right angle but the more you can *strive* to stack your elbows over your...
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Chest to Bar Pull-Ups Elbow Position, Grip Width and Gaze are all points to be considered with Chest to Bar Pull-Ups.  If you struggle with making contact with the bar, take a look! Grip Width Elbows back and down Don’t look at the bar
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Our Running Endurance class meets both Tuesday and Saturday and is a great way to build that Cardio Engine! RX 300m fast 200m easy (recovery) 200m fast 300m easy (recovery) Rest 60sec b/t sets. X 6 Performance 300m fast 200m easy (recovery) 200m fast 300m easy (recovery) Rest 60sec b/t  sets. X 5 Fitness 300m...
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Pause Squat Week 8 Using the Pause 1RM we found last week (see board below) we will take 83% of that weight and perform 3 sets of 3 reps with a :03 Pause at the bottom and a 0:10 Pause at the Top.  Our back squats will then resume moving up to 75% of our...
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Often in the SNATCH we see a horizontal hip thrust (like that of a Kettlebell Swing) sending the bar out in front of us before going up.  This is not the line of action we want. By keeping our shoulders over the bar as long as possible, bringing the bar to our pockets and then...
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