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Clean Up Your Clean: 10/5/2017

It’s time to Clean!

At our In-House Competition, WOD #2 surprised many.  Some of you hit numbers you didn’t know you were able, and some were so close to hitting new numbers that we want to take the time to re-test our max clean.  Rx and Performance will be testing their numbers, while fitness will focus on form and technique.  So get yourselves ready and pay attention to the information below as you are learning these lifts.

The Set-Up

Proper alignment and bar setup is crucial to a good lift. Most trainees underestimate the focus and technique required even before the actual lift begins. Improper bar placement, footing, and joint angles can lead to missing reps out front, slow pulls, and injury.



Fault: Shins Hugging the Barbell. Most people set up for the clean like they do with a deadlift. Although similar, the setups are not identical. Solution: There should be some space between the bar and your shins when you get ready to do a clean. Set your metatarsals (toe joints) directly under the bar. This will allow you to load yourself properly without rolling the bar out front with your shins.

Fault: Knees Falling Forward Lack of hamstring mobility and awareness of loading the hips often lead to forward collapse over the bar, resulting in the knees shoving into the bar. Solution: Load the hips and anchor the kneecaps so that the hamstrings increase tension and the shins stay nearly perpendicular to the floor.

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