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Cleaning Up: 11/13/17

Slowing Down The Clean

The first pull, or where you take the weight from the ground to the knees, is the time of the lift where setting up a good position is vital. Focus on keeping the torso at the same angle, the weight on the heels and your posterior chain engaged.

Do this slowly and it will ensure you’ll execute the “power phase” of the lift much more efficiently.

Bring the barbell back into your body as it leaves the floor, and continue using the lats to push it back, traveling up your thigh and into the hips – not near the hips, but actually into the hips.

One of the easiest cues for beginners at this point is to then think JUMP! If you think about jumping aggressively UP, then the hips will extend.  More experienced lifters will then refine the ‘jump’ but whatever cue you need to get you there, do it!

Often it is easiest for us to see these cues in slow motion.  Take a look above as Lydia Valentin shows us what we are talking about.

Extra Work

We will be addressing the final 4 movements of Crossover Symmetry Activation/Recovery today.  As a reminder, work the Activation/Recovery series of movements in everyday!  Same movements just a bit different on the finish.


Bar Muscle Up- Bar Pulls, Bar Pulls/Knees Up

Ring Muscle Up- Hips to Rings, Low Ring Transitions

Performance: Stay Tight! Tap Swing, Tap Swing/Pull, Tap Swing/Pull-Up

Fitness: Lat/Scap activation & Tap Swings

*ALL DRIL WORK can be found on last Wednesday Blog Post (see below for link)





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