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Deadlift 1RM Re-Test and Crossover 30 Day Fix: 11/27/18

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend and are ready to get back at it!  We are starting off strong this week as we Re-test our Deadlift 1 Rep Max.  Remember to avoid:

1.Too many reps leading up to your new PR

2. Not enough reps leading up to your new PR

3. Big leaps in weight as you approach that new number

The chart below is a guide to help you dial in….

Working Up To Your New 1 Rep Max

Often people either do not warm up enough working up to a new 1 RM or they warm up too much going into it.  Use the guide below to adequately warm yourself up, without burning yourself out.  REST time is important!  Take at least 4 minutes off between sets from 90% on.

Warm-up set # %1RM Reps Rest
1 30-50% 8 2 minutes
2 60% 5 2 minutes
3 70% 3 3 minutes
4 80% 1 3 minutes
5 90% 1 4 + minutes
6 100% 1 4 + minutes
7 102 – 105% 1 4 + minutes

Crossover Symmetry 30 Day Shoulder Fix also begins Monday.  Remember, this day and everyday, Activation, Mobility and Crossover Symmetry Recovery are the focus today.  We have more bands on the way and we will soon have more stations set up for you all!  Crossover Symmetry WOD’s will be posted, but be sure to print your own out so you can stay on track as you progress at your own pace!

Crossover Symmetry Overview:

30-Day Shoulder Fix

Week 1 Plan:

Week 1 CS

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