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Deadlifting Schedule: 11/17/17

Deadlift Week 15

Deadlifting resumes as that program is 17 weeks, unlike our Squat Program.  And yes, its getting turned up even more!

3 x 1 x 95% ( 3 sets of 1 rep at 95% of your 1 Rep Max)

So you know what is in store…  Next Friday 11/24, is an accessory day for our deadlift program.  We will not be deadlifting this day.  Because we do not want to re-rest our 1RM at the end of a week, WE WILL BE RE-TESTING OUR DEADLIFT 1RM ON MONDAY, 11/27. 

As always, prepping ourselves for big days like this week and next with proper warm up and mobility is important!

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