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Fitness Friday 1/14/21

The CrossFit Open

  • Begins 2/24
  • Tee Shirt order forms coming soon with a NEW look inspired by the NOBULL Partnership.
  • 802 will be running the event as we did last year.  On Saturdays for most, with an option of Monday if you cannot attend on Saturday.
  • This is our biggest Community event of the year, and we want you to be a part of it with us!  Just 3 weeks, and tons of fun, hard work and the best energy imaginable.

Masking Up

Let’s try a little harder to do our part in helping our health care workers out at this time.  We can all do the simple task of stepping up our mask usage while moving throughout the shared gym space, so let’s do it!  As always, be sure to wipe down PVC’s, Barbells, Dumbbells etc.

The Board

The Met-Con

As Many Reps As Possible

You will work for 0:45 In each station and have 0:30 rest/transition between each.

4 total Rounds

Score is all reps added together

The Finisher

Skull Crushers

Curls w/ EZ Bar

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