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Fitness Friday 10/22/21

The Board

The Mobility

The Strength

You will start this strength session working on the Snatch.

  • USE THE FIRST SEVERAL ROUNDS to warm-up.  Choose a weight where you can drop right under the bar, and not catch high and ride it low (if you possess the mobility to do so).
  • Start with 3 reps each set.  As things get heavier, you may work your way down to a single, but make sure to maintain a weight that allows you to drop under the bar quickly.

After 5 Rounds the sequence will change:

  • Overhead Squat
    • after standing the bar up from the Snatch – you will keep it overhead and complete the OHS.
  • This time you will perform 1 Snatch, keep the bar overhead and do 2 Overhead Squats to follow.

* Be sure to do the Active Rest between all sets.  You will want to warm-up to the rig work ahead.  

The Met-Con

  • When choosing a level, you must ask yourself about your Pull-Up abilities.  We would like you to get through part 1 and part 2, and not be hung up on part 1 the entire time.
  • Are you able to string Chest to Bar Pull-Ups together?  Or do you have to do them as singles?  Rx, should be chosen if you are efficient with C2B’s.  Performance will still be a challenge to those that can do C2B’s, but might not be great at them just yet.
  • This work-out is grippy.  Roll-out your forearms during your mobility time or any time leftover between sets of the strength.

Part 1

21 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups  21 Ab Mat Sit-Ups, 15 C2B – 15 AMSU, 9 C2B – 9 AMSU

Part II

9 Kettlebell Swing – 9 AMSU, 15 KBS – 15 AMSU, 21 KBS – 21 AMSU

The Finisher

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