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Fitness Friday 10/8/21

Columbus Day Schedule

All classes running according to regular schedule

The Board

The Mobility

OH Foam Roll

Banded Ankle Traction

The Warm-Up

Alternating Hip Opener

Back Rack Press/Push Press

Wall Slides

The Strength

We will be doing our Strength session from the Rig.  You will rack the bar and re-grip it between each movement.

Overhead Squat

Front Squat (from rig)

Back Squat (BS)

Active Rest: We need to warm-up those shoulders for Toes to Bar.  Do so by incorporating Down Dog Push Backs into your active rest, as well as some Knees above hips or toe raises.

The Met-Con

A new movement for some of you… the Single Leg Toes to Bar (see video below).  It might take a second to get your rhythm down, but you may find them easier to do than getting both legs up at once.

This work-out will start with a Row, and you will get back on the rower mid-way through (at the 7:30 mark).

With all time between the Rows, you will do as many rounds as possible of:

The Finisher

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