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Fitness Friday 12/4/20

No Quit November

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The Board

The Warm-Up

Starting upstairs with the Row, don’t forget to clean your rower when done!

The Strength

  • We will start with a 1:30 clock, then work to a 3:00 clock for the final sets of 3 reps.
  • Use the sets of 10-7 as a continuation of your warm-up
  • Think about squeezing those oranges under your arm pits to keep your back flat


  • All levels will be doing the same rep scheme.
  • Step-Ups: Focus on driving through the foot on the box rather than pushing off the foot on the floor
  • Deadlifts: Use the cheat sheets or a calculator and find 55% of your 3 rep max deadlift from the strength.  Break them up into singles sooner than you think. NO ROUNDED BACKS. 
  • Double Unders: Use this time wisely to work on technique.  THIS POST has some great tips to try!

The Finisher

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