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Fitness Friday 4/2/21

The Board

The Mobility

4 Point Wrist

Barbell Quad Roll


  • We will go over all movements of the strength as a class so you are familiar with them before the strength begins.

The Strength


  • High Hang means you only go down your leg 1/4 of the way. This position is important because it teaches you how powerful your hip drives need to be.
  • Hang means your bar goes down to above your knee.  You get a little bit more time to gain momentum, but we want to focus on being patient before our arms bend to get under the bar.
  • Power means you catch the bar above parallel.
  • When the word power is NOT included, it means you catch the bar in a full squat, below parallel.
  • If the words hang are not included in the description, the bar starts on the floor.


This WOD is a repeat for many…. We have done it in the past at Rx 95/65# and it’s time to bump that ladies weight to 75#.  Please view the board below to judge what you use for  a weight.  Your goals is to be able to do all HPC and all STOH within the minute with time to spare.  If you cannot do this, your score will be the total STOH you were able to do.  I will tell you now that 16 is a BIG number.  Choose your weight wisely.

The Finisher



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