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Fitness Friday 6/19/20

Before Coming to Class

Small White Boards

We purchased several small white boards and dry erase markers for outdoor and middle room stations.  Writing 3 boards daily is quite difficult to keep up with and we needed help in this process.  Bring your phones to your mat and jot down the warm-up and WOD for yourselves and keep at your stations.

The Board

Strength: Rx=155/115 Per= 115/75 Fit=65/35

The Warm-Up

  • 3 Rounds, building in weight each set.

The Strength

  • We will take a score, total SDL, along with your category/weight used in Friday’s Strength
  • You MUST keep your form on point to avoid any NO REPS
  • 0:15 work, 2:00 rest (to include an active rest)
  • Rx=155/115 Per= 115/75 Fit=65/35


The Finisher

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