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Fitness Friday 9/17/21

The Vermontster

We have 20 802 members competing this weekend in Berlin at the Vermonster.  If you are looking for something to do, take a ride!  They would love to see you cheering them on!

The Board

The Mobility

Prize Squat

The Warm-Up

Split Stance Squat

The Strength

Active Rest:Low Body Russian Twist

  • The demonstration below is shown from the rig.  We will NOT be squatting from the rig on Friday, but the same mechanics apply.
  • Perform a clean to get the bar to your shoulders
  • We want EXPLOSIVE reps with your FS as we are prepping for a Clean 1 RM on Monday


This work-out will work in 2:00 increments with 0:30 rest built in.  You will work for 2:00, rest for 0:30 and then pick up where you left off.

As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible of:

Wall Balls

Plate Ground to Overhead


  • Shuttle Runs:  The meters stated are total.  For example:  Rx will run to the 50m mark, touch down, run back to the building – then run to the 25m mark, touch down, run back to building.
  • If the timer goes off mid run – back up to the nearest cone for your level and begin from there.

The Finisher

Hollow Body Hold

4-6 Rounds of 0:30-0:90

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