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Fitness Friday 9/24/21

4 Spots Remaining

The Board

The Mobility

Banded Hamstring

Low Back with Peanut

The Strength


Sumo Deadlift

Low Body Russian Twist

Death March – use a KB or DB’s.  Keeping in mind you don’t need to go all the way to the ground If you lack the mobility to do so.


Box Jumps will come at 3-2-1 Go, and every 2:00 thereafter.  Your goal is to get 6 rounds done as quick as possible with that BJ interruption in there.  Don’t forget where you left off when the BJ timer goes off – that is where you will pick back up again!

The Finisher

Palloff Press

Hollow Body Hold – you should look like a banana when done correctly with your low back on the ground.  If your legs are angled more than that – SCALE.  You lose out on the benefit of the movement completely when done incorrectly.

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