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Free Trial Thursday: 5/14/20

Links To Sign-In to Thursday Live Classes

Meeting ID number: 504-063-0477

  • NO 8:00AM – Until we find a time that works better for you, we have removed 8am from our Tuesday/Thursday LIVE schedule.  
  • 12:00PM  THIS LINK
  • 4:30PM THIS LINK
  • 5:45PM THIS LINK 

Free Trial Thursday

Have a friend that wants to join us?  Bring them in!  Just make sure they watch the videos below.  They will most likely be sticking to the ‘Fit’ level for the WOD, and using a Dumbbell or loaded backpack or gallon jugs for the Strength.

The Warm-Up

The Strength

We are really trying to perfect your timing of the hip pop here.  Pop, then pull.  A common flaw is pulling too early, causing you to ‘muscle’ the weight up.  Be sure to use a load that is allowing you to bring those elbows back (high and outside) with each rep you do.


  • If you cannot get outside to run, do a combo of side shuffle touch downs/ forward and backward runs for 0:45 your first round. Count how many reps you did and use that for the duration of the WOD.
  • If you are unsure of the distance, run 0:30 out, and then run back to the start.
  • Row= same distance – Bike = double the distance

The Finisher

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