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Free Trial Thursday: 3/21/19


Our FINAL Friday Night Lights is coming! We want to close this Open Season out with a bang so be sure to join us! We will be celebrating the final WOD and closing with a big CHEERS so be sure to bring anything you want to sip onÂ đŸ»Â and any snacks you want to share or munch on yourselves!

Free Trial Thursday Bench

Keep Your Upper Back Tight/Shoulders Down and Back

Sitting in your chair right now put your arms out in front of you as though you were about to bench press. Now, with your arms straight and your chest tall I want you to shove your shoulders down and away from your ears. Once you’ve done that try squeezing your upper back together as tight as possible.

Feel that? That’s exactly what your back should feel like throughout the entire movement. By keeping your back tight and your shoulders down and away from your ears you will:

Push Yourself Away From the Bar

Understandably so, most trainees tend to view the bench press as an exercise in which they should push the bar away from themselves.

Form and technique drastically improves upon trying to visualize pushing away from the bar and into the bench.

Drive Your Heels into the Ground

Do not perform a “happy feet” dance while benching. You cannot you stay tight if your feet are performing their own personal rendition of the Cha Cha?

Where exactly you decide to place your feet is highly individual and ultimately depends on what works best for you.

However, the one common denominator regarding foot placement and the best benchers in the world is that they are all driving through their heels as hard as they possibly can.

By creating an enormous amount of pressure and driving through your heels throughout the entire movement you can produce an incredible amount of total body tension, thus making your body a strong and stable surface off  of which you will be able to press an extraordinary amount of weight.

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