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Free Trial Thursday 4/1/21

Free Trial Thursday

  •  Offered at 12:00, 4:30, 5:40 & 6:50pm. Advanced notice required.
  • Covid Protocol: How/When to Enter & Mask Usage VIEW VIDEO 
  • What to Bring? A mask, a clean pair of shoes to change into at the door, a full water bottle

The Board

Free Trial folks, please take a look at the videos below. You may have questions, and that’s ok! We will go over the movements again when you arrive. Each day our program Is scaled 3 different ways to accommodate many different levels.  Rx Is for advanced athletes, Performance Is a bit lighter and less dynamic, Fitness Is the lightest loading and a great place to start for most Free Trial participants. 

The Mobility

(to be done during the board explanation)

The Warm-Up

The Strength


  • This work-out is divided into 2 parts.  You will spend 9 minutes in one station, rest 2 minutes, then spend 9 minutes in the final station.
  • Half the class will start with one AMRAP, 1/2 the class will start with the other, then we will switch
  • YOU WILL PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF (based on rep scheme not movements) when you move from one WOD to the next, giving one final score at the end.

The Finisher





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