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Memorial Day 5/27

Hero WOD times are up, please sign-in on MindBody asap. Our last heat will be followed by a BBQ Potluck. We would like dishes shared to meet the requirements of our Challenge (whether you are participating or not). Eat.Real.Food. Meats, veggies, healthy snacks (that grew) or are made of real ingredients.  Remember, healthy food CAN BE GOOD!  Find a recipe and get creative!

We will have the grill available for anything you want to throw on.

Hoping the weather cooperates for this…. If it is 40 and raining, we will reschedule.  

*BYO applies to beverages as well.  For those doing the Challenge, no freebies will be given for the BBQ.  This Challenge is a short 6 weeks and I Challenge you to attend a BBQ and still reach your goals!

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