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Free Trial Thursday 5//21/20

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Free Trial Thursday

Have a friend that wants to join us?  Bring them in!  Just make sure they watch the videos below.  They will most likely be sticking to the ‘Fit’ level for the WOD, and using a Dumbbell or loaded backpack or gallon jugs for the Strength.

The Board

The Warm-Up

The Strength

  • 6 Rounds 3:00 Loop
  • You have a 20 or 10m suicide sprint in the WOD, use the Active Rest to Pace it out.
  • 26 Paces=20m – 13 paces=10m


If you are not Zooming, use THIS TIMER for the WOD if you’d like to make things easy…

  • Add Interval – 2:00
  • Set Sound (we use digital alarm)
  • Add Interval – 0:30
  • Set Sound
  • IMPORTANT- At bottom right… (Restart when done) – Click to ON
  • Test before WOD begins

The WOD Notes

  • Your 20m suicide should be marked out from Active Rest
  • You will AMRAP for 2 minutes, remembering where you left off each round.  If you are in the middle of a suicide, you must run back to complete, then begin AMSU.
  • You will count your AMSU and complete for 0:30. When timer goes off, pick back up where you left off in AMRAP.
  • Use a stair or stable surface for BJ or do Squat jumps instead
  • Use a DB if you don’t have appropriate weight for G2OH

The Finisher

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