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Free Trial Thursday 9/22/21

Free Trial Thursday Attendees

  •  Advanced notice required.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early to sign a waiver. You will see a GREEN light in the window when it is time to enter.  If the RED light is on, please remain outside.  
  • Please take a look at the videos below. You may have questions, and that’s ok! Don’t worry at all about the abbreviations below.  It will all make sense when you get here!  We will go over the movements again when you arrive. Each day our program Is scaled 3 different ways to accommodate many different levels.  Rx Is for advanced athletes, Performance Is a bit lighter and less dynamic, Fitness Is the lightest loading and a great place to start for most Free Trial participants.
  • PLEASE REVIEW THE VIDEOS BELOW.  While the class performs the bench press part of the day, the Coach will walk you through the work-out and other important information.

The Board

Reminder: In and effort to spread people out as much as possible, classes of 12 or more we will divide the class in two.  1/2 the class will begin with the Bench Press Program while 1/2 the class will begin with the WOD.

The Work-Out

The Warm-Up

You will have 7 minutes to go through the list ONE TIME.  You will do one set only of 0:30 Row, Jumping Jacks ,Phelps Swings and Narrow Arm Swings.  You will then move to the bench where you will use the remainder of the 7 minutes to warm-up a set of 10-8-5.  Rest wisely between each of these sets and build the weight according to the percentages listed. For the warm-up, we gave you a percentage range to follow.  Use this range as you would want to build to your first heavy single.

The Strength

The Finisher


Use a bench, boxes or rings to find the appropriate scaling for you

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