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It’s A Chipper!

In CrossFit, the word “chipper” doesn’t have any reference to one’s mood or well-being.  It is a series of movements performed in order, not moving on to the next until all reps are complete.

Who Doesn’t Love Tips….

Love Wall Balls or hate them, here are a few tips to make you better at them!

1. Catching and Positioning the Ball

You want to keep the ball as close to your body as possible during the entire movement. As with any weight, the further away from your body it is, the heavier it will seem. This is because the resistance arm becomes longer.

2. Give Your Arms a Rest

Reducing fatigue in the muscles surrounding the shoulder join is only a good thing during Wall Balls. After propelling the ball upwards, allow your arms to drop back down, that slight moment of rest will make a difference over time and help to reduce the fatigue of your deltoids. Although this seems like a minuscule it works….when you are dealing with endurance and volume in exercise, small improvements to the efficiency of your movements make all the difference.

3. Stand the Right Distance from the Wall

No matter how effectively you manage to rest your arms during each movement, if you stand too far away then you will give yourself a large amount of extra work.

To measure the correct distance, place the ball in two hands with your arms fully outstretched. When the ball touches the wall then you have your position.

Friday: Week 6 Day 3 Gymnastics

The PR’s continue to flow in and our FIRSTS are happening!  It’s getting more and more exciting each week!

Strict Pull-Up

Today we are busting out the bands as a tool for us to feel the full concentric portion of the pull-up under a lower load demand. Pick a band that challenges you for the volume required. Remember everything you have learned about your positions, and stick to it.

Kipping Pull-Up

We are working on some top-end reps under fatigue. Hang on tight. Stick to your positions and push yourself.

Bar Muscle-Up

More negatives…. one of the hardest positions of the BMU

Ring Muscle-Up

Bro Work FRIDAY!

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