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In-House Competition WOD #2

WOD #2: Fluster Cluck

For Time: 8 minute Time Cap


10 Clusters 95/53

8 Cleans 135/83

6 Cleans 155/103

4 Cleans 175/123

10 Front Squats 185/133


10 Thrusters 45/33

8 Cleans 65/53

6 Cleans 75/63

4 Cleans 85/73

10 Front Squats 95/83


1. The bar will be set with Cluster weight at the start. Scaled athletes will start with an empty bar.

2. Clamps must be on the bar, snug to weight for every round.

3. Clusters combine a Squat Clean and a Thruster. The bar must return to the ground for every rep.

4. Clusters and Thrusters: At the top of the movement, arms must be in full extension. Arms, Hips and Ankles in line, with head through extended arms.

5. You may Squat Clean the first rep of your Front Squat Series (or every time you drop the bar that is).

6. Athletes will be responsible for adding weight to their bar.  Judges MAY NOT assist with this.

7. Squat Cleans, hips below parallel are required. If injury prevents this, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY  to receive coach and judge approval PRIOR to start of the WOD.

8. If all reps are not completed under the 8 minute time cap, you will be ranked on successful completion of reps.

9. TIE BREAK: Judges will note the time on the clock at the completion of each SET of lifts.

***Before you decide Rx or Scaled, keep in mind, not everyone will finish this WOD and that is the intent. Coach made it to FS while Boss Lady finished a heavier version with a minute left on the clock.

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